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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 New Work Emerging!

30x30, oil, paper, plaster, Growing Together    

When I paint more naturalistic art, I pretty much know where I will end up. With my mixed media collages I must rely on a quiet mind and a lot of trust; I do not know where I will end up. My process is one of cultivating a rapport with the emerging forms,  as though there is some special frequency desiring to be born and I am the tool being used.

In this recent painting, one might see transparent human shapes comprised of horizontal branches, falling stars, and simple flowers growing within a quiet landscape, a landscape balanced by both bright light and dark night.  There are many possible metaphors, but the only important story is the one you the viewer finds relevant.  When viewing art, it doesn't matter as much what the artist had in mind, more importantly, what does the painting say to you?

As I travel the country teaching workshops, I find that students not only want to learn skills and techniques, but they want to uncover their stories and develop their own perspective.

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Dawn Chandler said...

Great to have you back in the blog-o-sphere, Joan! I'm looking forward to seeing much more of your beautiful, thought-provoking work here. Thanks, in advance, for sharing!